Attestation for UK

Certificate Attestation is a documentation procedure and hence it demands time so it is always better to rely on professional certificate attestation service providers. Guideline offers global support for your individual as well as business certificate attestation needs. 

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The United Kingdom is one of the highest developed countries in the world.  Like every other country, the UK demands its immigrants to attest both educational and non-educational documents before migrating.  As a legal certification attestation service provider, we provide assistance for a variety of purposes like personal, work, education, residence, and for professional aspects. 

Documents that will require for attestation include:

Attestation of Educational Documents

  • Attestation of school certificates
  • Attestation of diploma certificates
  • Attestation of degree or graduation certificates
  • Attestation of Post-graduation certificates
  • Attestation of MBA certificates
  • Attestation of M.Sc certificates
  • Attestation of PhD certificates

Attestation of Personal Documents

  • Attestation of court papers
  • Attestation of birth certificates
  • Attestation of marriage certificates
  • Attestation of death certificate
  • Identification of national identification

Attestation of Business Documents

  • Attestation of certificates of incorporation
  • Attestation of articles and memorandum of association
  • Attestation of any business documents apart from above mentioned two

Procedures of Attestation of Documents in UK

Notary Verification

The documents have to be first verified by UK Notary. For those who don’t know what a Notary is, they should know Notary is any legal person who can authentically verify the necessary documents of an applicant.

State Verification

After the U.K. Notary verifies the documents, respective state departments of U.K. will verify applicant’s documents.

Final Verification

At the final stage, the applicant has to submit some important documents to the officials for final verification. These documents include final transcripts/mark sheets, university verification letter and passport copy of the candidate.